“Nobody knows what it’s for, it’s limited”

Former Apple CEO Jean-Louis Gaszier, He continues to say that the iPad is a failure Because even after years no one knows what it is for.

In a post on his MondayNote blog, Gassee analyzed Apple’s financial results, which he defined as “Overall goodRevenue grew about 8% and there was a 5% increase in earnings, even as R&D spending increased by 20%.

The only drawback, according to Gassee, is iPad data that is defined as “less bright”.

In this position, the computer scientist, who has been managing director of Apple’s Macintosh division since 1991, said, “Despite efforts to boost the iPad line, with iPadOS, sales have plummeted. For the past three months and a full year, Mac revenue has gone up while iPad revenue has fallenApple announced last quarter.

It is here that the discussion on the tablet is connected, to which Jaszy takes a trip. “The iPad has a turbulent and checkered history. After skyrocketing sales after its launch in 2010, revenue began to decline in 2013But what are the reasons? Gassee quotes a statement from Steve Jobs, who Expect a place for the iPad between the iPhone and Mac.

But”What exactly is an iPad? A bigger iPhone or a smaller hacked Mac?is the question Gassis is asking himself, according to Who So Far Years later we still don’t understand the purpose of the iPad.

If there is a third category of devices, it has to be better than laptops and smartphones for browsing the internet, sending emails, and reading. Otherwise, there is no reason for it to exist. The problem is, laptops aren’t better at anything, but we think we have something, and that’s iPadsGassy says that he counts Apple hasn’t done much to make tablets more productive And it did nothing but make it a “giant iPhone” but limited. The path the manufacturer has taken is leading the iPad to become more and more flat, without software to match.

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