no noteworthy action by the Red Devils for the start of Belgium-Canada

Would they protest in their own way or wear a bracelet? Finally, there was no scoring action by the Red Devils before the start of the game against Canada.

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The seven European federations, including Belgium, which planned to wear a colored “One Love” anti-discrimination armband, had given up on Monday following FIFA’s threat of “sports sanctions”, which they did not specify. This threat has been widely criticized in Germany, where many voices have emerged calling for Mannschaft players to defy it.

Finally, during the photo before their game against Japan, the German players covered their mouths in response to the ban on the ‘One Love’ captain’s armband, which portrayed diversity. “They can refuse us to wear this bracelet, but we will never allow our voice or our values ​​to be dampened,” said goalkeeper and captain of the German national team Manuel Neuer.

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