No more Elon Musk: Europe has launched the alternative to StarLink

Since its inception in 2019, Starlink It also demonstrated its potential in the military field, as in the case of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Due to damage to the Internet infrastructure, Inc Elon Musk It has taken steps to support the nation by providing population and military connectivity through its fleet of satellites. The problem is that Musk has always been asking the US government for financial support in order to continue providing the service to Ukraine for free. Also because of these fluctuations, Europe officially launched Eris 2which is an abbreviation for Infrastructure for resilience, connectivity and security via satellite.

Parliament and the Council of the European Union plan to create a constellation of 170 satellites in the lower orbit of the transmitter Connection on devices on the ground. This project will be financed through investments totaling 6 billion euros, of which 2.4 billion are directly from European countries and the rest is from the private sector, i.e. from the companies and investors concerned. The investment is as ambitious as the goal, which is to make broadband in Europe more available and reliable, even in remote areas. In addition to traditional wired connections, satellite communications will serve as plan bi.e. backup takes action in case it occurs outages it causes natural disasters you hate human issue.

China guowang 5G Internet satellite constellation project

Given what happened between Ukraine and Elon Musk, the intention is also to reduce dependence on foreign countries, as in the case of StarLink, by eliminating the possibility of interference by foreign governments. Last but not least, coverage of other non-European regions such as Arctic region EspeciallyAfrica, offering the potential to become less dependent on Chinese companies; Not to forget, then, that China is creating its own alternative to StarLink. The problem of waste in space should not be underestimated: as the European Union declares, it will “Ensure the safe and sustainable use of space for future generationsand creating systems and technologies to help track spacecraft and debris.

So, when will the IRIS2 project come to fruition? For positioning, there is already talk of 2023, with the first satellites used for Internet service being sent, but as for implementation we will talk about it again in 2027. But it is still Elon Musk who dictates the stylistic features of satellite communication, as evidenced by the plan to bring 5G into space.

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