Nintendo Switch Sports: Golf is coming!

TheThe arrival of Nintendo Switch Sports has left many gamers “half-hearted”, but now they will finally be enriched with a game of golf that could turn their fortunes around.

Nintendo Switch Sports Many enthusiasts of the Grande N white wee daysbut it is also true that sports such as golf. Fortunately, the Kyoto Council kept the promise it made shortly after its launch and added the sport It’s soon, really, very soon! So let’s go ahead with a little request.

Nintendo Switch Sports: For a golf-filled winter

It was originally rumored that the golf game would appear as an update on Nintendo Switch Sports during General “vacation period”., But we can now say that Christmas came earlier this year! According to what was reported by the official account on Twitter, we leave you the post below, the title will be enriched with this sport on November 28th So adding 21 holes From the popular series on Wii and a coexistence pattern Where you can challenge up to 8 players.

We already talked about this title in more detail some time ago, here is our review, but this is also true We even treated green to good old Super Mario Between modern surnames and other more experienced surnames. Thus ball and ball will be added last to the other six sports such as Football, badminton, tennis, chambara, bowling and volleyball The leaks about adding basketball or dodgeball will be “disappointed”!

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