Nikos Aliagas looks back on his nasty fall during the latest Star Academy bonus

Vendredi dernier, Nikos Aliagas aurait dû presenter les NRJ Music Awards depuis Cannes, as the last depuis 2009. Malheureusement, suite à une chute lors du prime de la «Star Academy», Nikos did not pas en capacité de s’envoler pour Southern France. Camille Combal then presented the show and was followed by more than 3.5 million viewers in France.

During an interview with Télé Star, the TF1 star recounted his fall: “In the bar, they turned off the lights and I thought I was going hard, but I fell and my other leg twisted.”

Nikos still felt lucky, it could have been more serious: “You have to be careful, you can fall and not come back. I tore off my wings, cracked my feet, but the show must go on…”

The host also wanted to continue presenting “Star Academy” just minutes after it fell. Regarding the NRJ Music Awards, Nikos preferred to listen to the doctors who “strongly advised him not to get on the plane”.

We will of course find the ’50m Inside’ host during the Star Academy final, November 26th at 10pm on TF1.

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