New patent indicates reverse wireless charging is finally coming to iPhone

September is finally behind us, which means that all the buzz around Apple products is starting to die down. At first glance, the iPhone 14 lineup was received with great enthusiasm by users around the world, although it was not groundbreaking in itself. In a way, 2022 was a perfect year for the iPhone.

Most of the innovation (if you consider a new cutout an innovation) has come from the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, but even Apple’s high-end smartphones haven’t been particularly revolutionary this year.

In addition to the Dynamic Island, a slightly faster chip and the implementation of some small features (such as a Always on display), there were some notable upgrades. Last year, users were treated to a 120Hz refresh rate boost, which made the iPhone 13 Pro worth an upgrade alone.

In most cases that would have been fine – the iPhone 14 Pro is already a great smartphone. However, at a very high price point, there are a few omissions that will be unforgivable in 2022, most notably reverse wireless charging.

This feature is far from new. It is available on many Android smartphones, some of which are much cheaper than the iPhone 14 Pro. There’s little to no excuse (other than complacency) that Apple hasn’t implemented reverse wireless charging in so long.

This will not be available for the iPhone 15

Luckily it looks like that Apple engineers have successfully obtained a patent for reverse wireless charging of the iPhone. This information was first brought up by Patently Apple in a dedicated article.

With a bit of luck, that is we can expect this feature to appear on the iPhone within the next two years. There’s no rush – we can wait.

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