New Fire 7 tablet, SUPER price for the smallest Amazon house (-31%)

An honest tablet that has always made price its best weapon is the protagonist of today’s Black Friday Amazon deals. Compared to a suggested retail price of €79.99, thanks to the 31% discount you buy them new fire 7 for only €54.99. It’s the ideal tablet for your parents who have long wanted a device that’s a little bigger than a phone to watch movies and TV series from the main streaming services like Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and NOW. You can also use Amazon’s payment in installments: Instead of paying €54.99 immediately, you can conveniently pay in five monthly installments of €11.00.

New Fire 7 tablet

Compared to 2019, the improvements from a hardware point of view are noticeable for everyone. Starting with the quad-core processor it offers 30% more power compared to the previous models. A clear advance also on the graphics card front, with the use of a GPU from 2020 instead of 2014. The RAM memory is also doubled (from 1 to 2 GB), e.g a user experience suitable for everyoneeven for those who are not familiar with the technology.

And if you enjoy reading or listening to audio books, the new Fire 7 tablet makes the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season, when you can relax in front of the fireplace reading or listening to a book. Fire 7 is also a excellent travel companion for the little oneswho are well versed in the small size of the device. Let’s add to all this that Amazon’s small tablet is fully committed to environmental sustainability (35% of the plastic is recycled after the consumer).

Take advantage of Amazon’s Black Friday offer and give (you) the new Fire 7 tablet for only €54.99 instead of €79.99. Also in installments.

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