Nearby Share lands in Android 13’s clipboard management menu

coming Android 13 It gave new life to many features of the operating system, enriching its capabilities in order to ensure a more complete user experience. Among these, I gained great insight stock nearbythe job he gave The Google In 2020 it lets you share files with other nearby devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

While introducing the new iteration of the operating system to Google I/O 2022one of promises From Android 13, a Nearby Share button has been added in the new Clipboard panel that appears in the overlay after a piece of text has been copied. Thanks to this novelty, it was possible to instantly share the selected text with another device via the device management menu notes.

This feature was discovered in recent months by Mishaal Rahmantrusted and reliable source for world news androidwhich he managed to manually activate and test in preview even though Google itself hasn’t yet set a release date.

Well, it sure looks like Big G is starting to poses From the nearby share shortcut in the clipboard management menu.

This option, by itself, doesn’t add any new features other than a handy shortcut that can quickly share your notes — including links and photos — with another device or Android user.

We also specify that the aforementioned feature release is on the server side, so it may take a few days before you see the custom shortcut appear on your Android 13 devices.

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