NCIS Los Angeles 13 and Bull 6 on Rai2, previews November 20 and 27

NCIS Los Angeles 13 And the bull 6 They are back on the air On Rai2 on Sunday 20 November. Following a programming hiatus due to the 2022 ATP Tennis Finals, the two crime series from Tonight will air, each Sunday with an unaired double episode.

Starts fromRing 13 x 14 From NCIS Los Angeles titled Rule Art, we provide a summary of it:

NCIS investigates theft of a fine art warehouse by disguising themselves as potential buyers on the black market, to find out who is behind the stolen items.

In the receive from NCIS Los Angeles 13: Chris O’Donnell as Grisha “G.” Caline. Daniela Roa is Kinsey Bly. Eric Christian Olsen as Marty Dix; Wissam Rahimi is Fatima Namazi. Caleb Castiel is Devin Roundtree. Gerald McRaney is Holas Kilbride. LL Cool J as Sam Hanna Linda Hunt will appear in fewer episodes as Hetty.

To continue, theRing 6 x 16 From ox Titled Spousal Disputes:

Bull and Izzy have a falling out when the team leads his ex-girlfriend’s defense; Personal conflicts abound for TAC as Chunk finds himself defending Diana in court against her boyfriend and District Attorney Robert.

The evening ends withRing 6 x 17 By Bull, titled Animal Love:

He hires Izzy Bull and TAC to defend a jockey accused of arson against a stable owner who fired him.

In the receive from bull 6: Michael Weatherly is Dr. Jason Paul. Geneva Carr is Marissa Morgan. Christopher Jackson as Chester “Chunk” Palmer; Jamie Lee Kirchner as Daniel “Danny” James; Mackenzie Meehan is Taylor Rentzel; Yara Martinez is Isabella “Izzy” Colón.

NCIS Los Angeles 13 And the bull 6 Air again on Sunday, November 27. to NCIS Los Angeles 13 Two rings will be proposed, 13 x 15 and 13 x 16; From ox Two episodes, 6×18 and 6×19, will also be broadcast.

appointment with NCIS Los Angeles 13 And the bull 6 On Rai2 it is At 21:05.

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