Nanoleaf’s modular panel light and smart bulbs take care of your Christmas decorating

To give your home rooms a new look, it is not always necessary to change the furniture. In many cases, it is enough to change the way the rooms are lit, Especially in the festive period like Christmas where lighting plays an essential role.

During the holidays, the ability to change the color of the lighting in the room as well as schedule the lights to turn on and off allows you to create the right atmosphere for special occasions, such as family lunches or gift exchanges.

Nanoleaf, among a wide range of products for bright home furnishings, also boasts the Canvas range, ie Square lighting units that can be combined at will and can light up in 16 million different colors.

Hinnovation promotes the most intelligent collection with 8 Nanoleaf Canvas modules to start creating luminous figures of a certain complexity also in light of the Christmas period.

The look and light you want

Panels can be stacked side by side or staggered. Connected via Wi-Fi to your home network, Canvas can light up in 16 million different colors, including white, using your smartphone and the Nanoleaf app.

It is also compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home, Razer Chroma, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTTso they can be inserted into a smart home, controlled through voice commands given to Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, and can be programmed to operate at preset times.

The panels are also touch screen. Because they can respond to tactile commands simply by touching their surface. With swipe and tap gestures, you can turn panels on and off, adjust brightness and change your chosen color scenes without ever using the app.

The panels include a Screen Mirror function for Coordinating the colors with those on the screen Windows or Mac computer.

They can also interact with sound and Lights up in real time based on the music playing in the environment: Another useful function to accompany typical Christmas songs with light.

Party-ready smart home lights

To complete the bright atmosphere of the holidays, Hinnovation is also promoting a set of 3 smart LED bulbs from Nanoleaf’s Essentials line, which is the perfect introduction to smart lighting.

Smart bulbs cannot be distinguished from common bulbs because they have an E27 standard socket: the difference is that you can enjoy the colors they can generate.

By connecting via Bluetooth to a smartphone or integrating into the home network through a thread connection, Nanoleaf lights from the Essentials line In fact, it can light up with 16 million different colors and can also be programmed to turn on and off via the app.

Through the application, you can also integrate the light into A kaleidoscope of colors from among the predefined ones or create new ones Personally choose the color and light intensity of each lamp.

It also features Nanoleaf’s Daily Lighting System, which you can use Create the perfect atmosphere depending on the time of day.

Nanoleaf Essentials lights can work with Alexa, the Google Assistant, Apple Home and Samsung SmartThings smart home, and take advantage of the Razer Chroma and IFTTT platforms.

Nanoleaf Luminous Furniture in Promotion on Hinnovation

Hinnovation is offering ongoing promotion on Nanoleaf Smarter 8 Panel Canvas Set, and on Nanoleaf Essentials 3 LED Light Kit.

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