My Hero Academia Chapter 371: The Story of Mezo (Shogi)

My Hero Academia fans can expect some tragic origin stories. The stories of our beloved heroes and villains have torn our hearts time and time again. Even the calmest children carry trauma on their backs. “Tragic origin stories are high on the list of things fans should expect from My Hero Academia.

Thanks to My Hero Academia Chapter 370, we now know the true nature of the burden Shoji, the masked hero, has been carrying all along. This revelation made her character all the more intriguing and endearing.

Mezo’s face is revealed with his dark past

“The heroes are in great trouble, outnumbered by 15,000 to 200. They defend Jaku’s hospital, where the mighty Kurogiri is held captive. The League of Villains Spinner and his army attack the hospital. It’s only a matter of time before they succeed. »

Shoji after being unmasked in chapter 370. Photo credit: Manga Plus

Mezo’s response to this harassment was simple. He did not reject their legitimate antisocial purpose, but pleaded with them to reconsider their behavior. He wondered what their discrimination had to do with the attack on the hospital and reminded them that the heroes they despised had at least made sure that every innocent person, regardless of their type of change, was evacuated before their attack on launched the hospital.

Shoji’s dark past

Shoji’s decision to wear a mask was deeply personal and heartbreaking. He never had to make that choice, but he did it out of respect for his classmates. They never questioned his decision, either because they were too polite or because they didn’t know him otherwise. Wearing the mask allowed Shoji to hide his identity, but it was also a source of strength and courage.

What do you think of the Shoji bomb from the manga?

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