Musk reportedly fired two other Twitter executives amid rumors of more layoffs

Elon Musk kicked off his takeover of Twitter by laying off nearly half of the company’s employees, but that was just the beginning of the mass exit from Twitter 1.0 — the longest term most commonly used to refer to the platform that existed before Musk’s acquisition.

Dubbed version 2.0, the new version of Twitter is working with far fewer employees after Musk’s bizarre midnight email asking employees to agree to work “very intensively” or forcibly quit with three months of severance pay.

The initiators ont affirmed that this mandat of dernière minute ne s’est pas déroulé as me prevu, et qu’en fin de compte, environment 1 200 employees ont volontairement accepté l’indemnité de part plutôt que de rester à travailler jusqu’à l’ exhaustion. Several executives have also left the company in the past two weeks, some against their will, others voluntarily. In the latest update, two more former Twitter executives left the company, including one who was planning to quit but was reportedly convinced to stay on at the last minute.

According to unnamed sources who spoke to Bloomberg, Musk fired Robin Wheeler and Maggie Sunwick. The reason, according to the insiders, is their refusal to lay off additional employees..

The same sources say that Twitter may face another round of layoffs by today, which will affect the company’s sales and marketing staff. Suniewick and Wheeler ont tous deux confirmed leur départ de Twitter dans leurs tweets respectifs, tous deux vagues, mais avec l’incontournable emoji de salut qui est devenu le moyen par défaut des employers de Twitter pour dire aux autres qu’ils vont quitter l’ a company.

Difficult weeks are coming

The move was somewhat surprising, as Wheeler reportedly intended to leave the company on the same day Yoel Roth voluntarily left Twitter 2.0. Sources say Wheeler was convinced to stay at the last minute, and shortly after she released a statement saying she was staying with the company. Now, just a week later, I’m leaving Twitter 2.0.

Wheeler was a sales manager at Twitter, which meant she was responsible for working with advertisers, who have since grown skeptical of Twitter, at least as a viable platform to promote their products. Twitter’s wrongful decision to launch the new blue membership, which offers verification badges as paid products, has led to a number of accounts mocking big companies like Nintendo. Eli Lilly reportedly pulled his ads from the platform after his tweet about free insulin cost him a small fortune, according to The Washington Post.

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