Multicolor WiFi bulb for € 8.99 on Amazon

Now the lights are no longer manually lit and are no longer a single colour. Of course, it’s not always cheap, which is why I wanted to tell you about this Amazon offer. Put it in your cart now TP-Link WiFi Bulb for only €8.99instead of 14.99 euros.

Control all the lights in your home with your smartphone or tablet without actually having to do it. even remotely You can turn on and off any light. Create the right atmosphere and have fun change colors in every room. Connect the WiFi bulb to your Echo and control it with i Voice commands Alexa and Google Assistant. Make your life simple with small expenses.

Download the free Tapo app available for both Android and iOS, and manage the color of your lights right from your device. Choose between 16 million shades Customize each day as you like. You will also be able to check them while you are away from home, for example if you forget the light, you can turn it off with a simple tap. You will also have the possibility Simulate being at home Lights turn on and off automatically. This will scare away any intruders.

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You don’t need a hub to run it, it’s fully compatible with your smart devices by simply connecting it to your home WiFi. he have Ultra low consumption And still manages to get excellent lighting.

A crazy offer that is hard to replicate, so if you don’t want to risk losing it, you have to be quick. Go to Amazon now and buy yours TP-Link WiFi Bulb for only €8.99, instead of 14.99 euros. If you complete your order right away, you can receive it comfortably at home within a few days with free delivery for Amazon Prime customers.

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