Motorola is preparing to launch a series of smartphones. It starts with Penang5G

Motorola increasingly willing to occupy each environmental standing Available, at least for the smartphone market.

tucked? we are here. top range with 200 MP camera? marked. mid range? There is only one to choose. cheap set? There is that too, and these are just examples of Unlimited devices The winged house introduced it, but now that we’re down to it Approaching to me 2023, New offers are already appearing.

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That is it, thanks boys gadgetgangWe managed to get to First photos Exclusively for an unknown smartphone, codenamed Penang

The Features Of the known devices are not many at the moment. it is known that Model number he is XT-2313 And what will it be 4GB From RAM And the 64 or 128 GB of internal storage, which puts it at the lowest level of the range. However, the fact that it is equipped with a punch-hole front camera indicates its placement in the mid-range.

In the opening photo you can see it in coloring blue basaltBut the phone will also be available in gray or black silver agateaccording to the above wording.

We also know it will arrive in United State It has two major operators (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile) as well as three minor operators (Cricket, Dish, and Tracfone), but at the moment nothing is known about its launch. Europe.

Another tip, is that Penang It will be part of one Smartphone series Coming next year, like Penang And the Penang +. At the moment we do not know if these models refer to or not G Series or And thebecause Motorola divides the devices into symbolic names Similar even among its series, which will obviously be crucial to its range price. Are you ready for the new phone series Motorola? 2023 is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to see what new things lie ahead, hopefully a little more. Thrilling who is this!

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