Most likely, the PlayStation 6 will arrive from 2027

Microsoft recently acquired Activision Blizzardwhich also sheds light on some other interesting news, including the likely launch window of the PlayStation 6. The Japanese giant would be concerned about the possibility of losing the Call of Duty franchise to the next-gen console. The eventuality could take shape from 2027suggesting that the PlayStation 6 will debut around the turn of the year (after all, the average lifecycle of a gaming console is only about 7 years).

The PlayStation 5 made its market debut in November 2020 (although some wouldn’t say as it’s still hard to find today), and in 2027 it will therefore be 7 years old. Microsoft reportedly offered a ten-year deal, which Sony found unsatisfactory. Currently, the world’s major antitrust authorities are trying to shed light on the takeover: the ftc extension, to tell you one thing, the procedure might even refuse. Whatever the outcome of the issue surrounding Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the next PlayStation 6 definitely won’t be out until 2027, but at least we now know roughly when it might come out (hoping we’ll get to that will also be able to find a solution call of Dutyit would be a shame not to see it on board the PlayStation 6 and all upcoming Sony consoles).

If you haven’t bought it yet playstation 5, Maybe one could try to take it home now: there are enough for the then next-gen console (also because not everyone has managed to buy it yet, so it’s also right that they have the opportunity to do it and enjoy it for a while). If you have any questions for us, the comment box below is available: we will answer you as soon as possible.


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