Morgan writes to Croza: “Do you hate me?” , what happened

Morgan writes to Cruz And post the note on Instagram. The singer-songwriter from Brianza posted a screenshot to the Wikipedia page of the Genoa comedian, leader and actor who pleaded for clarification on the 2008 collaboration. Marco Castoldi He asks himself some questions and asks Maurizio Cruz to answer them “If it didn’t cost you much effort”. what happened?

Morgan writes to Cruz: Background

Why is Morgan writing to Cruza? To answer, we have to take a step back. It was 2008 and he was the first player in the Bluevertigo Participate in an episode of Croatian Italy To honor the singer-songwriter Luigi Tenko To suggest an extraordinary memory of the great absentee: his satirical version.

In fact, Tenco even wrote and recorded a piece titled fashion storyan ironic statement of contemporary society in which he ridicules those who presented all his actions as instinctive, but in fact did not realize that they were the result of the advertising bombardment of those years.

Morgan and Cruz then sing notes fashion story The video is still available on YouTube.

Morgan’s letter to Cruza: “Do you hate me?”

Basically, Morgan’s letter to Maurizio Cruza is a request for clarifications in light of the material the comedian constantly posts online after each of his episodes. DeCruza Brothers. Morgan laments there are no traces of their duet online, evidence appears on a Wikipedia page that mentions the fourth edition of Croatian Italy It was broadcast in 2008 and has names Carla SignoresAnd the Amber Angiolini And sexology Lauren BurdonIn addition to Evan Scalfarotto.

So Morgan’s name is missing, and to this we owe his letter, the text of which we quote:

“Dear Maurizio, I have been writing to you since 2022, and since I was born in 1972, I am exactly 50 years old. When I was 30, I was different, a little prettier, honestly, they say I have not aged badly, but it seems to me That I bear the marks not so much on the outside but on the inside over time.On the other hand, you haven’t aged at all.You’re identical to what happened when we worked together in 2008.Do you remember?You have to remember.We did a lot of episodes of your show. , you always invited me and always wanted you to sing Luigi Tenco protest pieces with me, and then we also did a lot of other things.For example, I remember very well a funny version of “Don’t Let the Sun” where I imitated Elton John and I imitated George Michael, but I was basically just An excuse because you wanted to sing those weird tracks that Tenco only wrote with you could have done me, and I have to say you sing really well too, you’re not bad.But There is no trace of what you did to me, on the web, on the official channels of the LA7 network, on your channels, nothing, even in the information about your programs, nowhere is it written that I was there, and it seems ridiculous to me, I was a regular guest! Can’t find anything, yet you’ve posted everything, and there’s everything you’ve done, which is so incredible, you’re practically always on TV, and there’ll be thousands of episodes of your shows, everything, except for the things I did with myself. but why? you hate me? But above all, why delete information all over the place, as if we were in a science fiction movie where your past changes. If you try to go to Wikipedia, you’ll see that I wasn’t in the 2008 edition, and it wasn’t even mentioned. I wanted to know if I made it all up or if it really happened in reality. I definitely find it very strange unprofessional And above all a little bit alarmingwhatever the truth, because if it doesn’t happen, I immediately demand to be admitted to a psychiatric clinic, if it does, then You scare me a little. Let me know if it doesn’t cost you much effort.”

One follower tries to explain: You may not know how Wikipedia works, Everyone can add contentIt’s not Crozza’s official page..

Does Maurizio Cruza answer Morgan’s questions?

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