More than 200 cyclists accompanied the funeral procession

Fanny Morrow’s funeral was held on Monday. Many friends and cyclists were present to pay a final tribute to Boitsfortoise. More than 200 bikes gathered at Place Gilson to accompany the person who worked on Pro Vélo. Mobility Minister Elke van den Brandt (Gruene), as well as members of local mobility councils in Koekelberg and Anderlecht were in attendance, DH reports. Fanny worked as chief of staff at Ecolo/Groen in Anderlecht prior to Pro Vélo.

cargo bike

As a token, this cycling enthusiast’s body was transported by cargo bike equipped to transport the coffin.

Fanny died instantly on 10 November. The accident involved tram line 7 and occurred near the Cambre-Etoile station. The cyclist was traveling to the right of the same tram site (in the same direction as the tram that collided with her) when she came up to the special tram site to turn left, without indicating her intention to turn left (with a signal from a lever), at the height of the pedestrian crossing (which was then red The tram driver was approaching him (in the same direction as the cyclist) and had honked his horn as usual to ensure that motorists who wanted him to turn left would let him pass. The tram driver had apparently seen the cyclist and thought she would stop before continuing on her way (straight) because she was applying the brakes. He didn’t expect her to hit the brakes to come to her own position and turn left. Then the cyclist stopped unexpectedly in her part of the position between the rails of her tram, presumably to make way for the tram that was It restarts in front of her in the opposite direction.The tram driver applied his emergency brakes, but the tram, which was then traveling at a speed of 25 to 30 km / h, skidded on its tracks and hit the victim from behind. The victim was pushed forward and died moments later. I tried services Emergency resuscitation Shah, but, alas, without a result, ”he testified to us in person on the spot at the time of the facts.

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