More choice in emoji responses on Google Messages

Google is starting to make the set of emojis available for message responses in the Google Messages app.

A feature discovered by 9to5Google last September. The tech giant is therefore starting the rollout, first with users of beta versions of the messaging application on smartphones.

Wink, champagne, confetti

Since 2020, the messaging application Google Messages has made responses to messages via emojis available to its users. Only seven emoticons were available, such as thumbs up/down, surprised face, or giggle. The Mountain View company is now adding the full range of emojis to the comments. A change that had been noticed in September by the 9to5Google site, which had seen a framework in development.

Reaction emojis are currently only available to users of beta versions of the Google Messages application on smartphones. They can now tap the little “+” next to the reaction emojis to reveal the entire list of useful little faces and icons.

Google is thus updating itself compared to its competitors such as WhatsApp or Messenger, which have been offering this option for several years. It should be noted that the response of emojis works for both SMS and RCS messages, enriched messages.

A year full of novelties

Since last school year, Google has added many new features to Google Messages and is testing many others. The goal is to transform the application and make it similar to others of the same style. We can mention the ability to respond directly to a person with the RCS by sliding the desired message to the right. Also notable was the integration of YouTube Picture in Picture videos. This allows you to directly play a YouTube video in the chat window.

The giant has also started testing the written transcription of voice messages. This would make it easier for two people to understand and avoid audio quality issues. Finally, Google plans to introduce end-to-end encryption of messages in newsgroups as early as 2023.

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