Microsoft Teams now offers Solitaire and Minesweeper

It may seem backwards, but Microsoft is rolling out a new feature that not only lets you play games at work, but actively encourages them. Solitaire has always been considered the best way to kill time at work, and now Microsoft wants to turn that old saying into something real.

Microsoft Teams has been updated with Games for workWhich is A collection of games co-workers can play together in Teams. The collection includes games such as Microsoft Solitaire, Microsoft IceBreakers, Microsoft Mineweeper, and Microsoft Wordament, and is powered by Microsoft Casual Games under Xbox Game Studios.

Despite its contradictory nature, there is a solid theory behind it all: Encourage colleagues to interact again on an informal level at work, which builds trust and improves professional relationships. According to Microsoft, this social aspect of work has been missing since the shift to remote and hybrid work.

Microsoft states that all games available to Teams users are ad-free and that in addition, some of them can be played together. On the other hand, Solitaire offers a spectator mode that allows Teams users to watch one of their teammates play and chat in real time.

Now you can easily add a game in the context where you’re working: in Microsoft Teams meetings. Choose from a selection of casual favorites including Microsoft IceBreakers, Wordament, Minesweeper and Solitaire – all easy to play in fast, interactive, multiplayer (2-250 players) versions. It is safe to operate (rated “E”) and free of ads. To meet the different needs of teams, each game in the app emphasizes a different element of team buildingMicrosoft explains.

Go challenge your boss!

To be honest, I’m mostly excited about Solitaire, and Microsoft says it’s clearly a fan favorite. How about launching a one-on-one competition mode to challenge your boss during those boring quarterly reviews?

Fan-favorite Microsoft Solitaire Collection offers head-to-head competition that encourages group participation. It may seem like an oxymoron, but multiplayer capability and an enhanced spectator mode allow everyone, whether they’re actively playing or not, to follow the action and interact with players on screen. It’s like giving answers while watching a game show or helping a friend solve a puzzleexplains the company.

Needless to say that everything The games are available for free For Microsoft Teams users. More games are expected to be added to the list over time, but for now Microsoft leaves the details to performance and user feedback.

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