Michele Bravi and Federica Abbate in Antifragili, Text and Meaning

Michel Bravi and Federica Abati in Anti-shatter A song that is part of the soundtrack for the new movie, Strange world – a mysterious world. The two artists combined their voices for a unique blend that can be heard in cinema from November 23 The date on which the film will be available in Italian cinemas.

“I don’t think I can express the feeling that I wrote and interpreted with Federica Abbate an original piece for the soundtrack to the new Walt Disney Animation Studios movie, Strange World – Mysterious World”Michel Bravy’s words on social media proudly communicate the new musical project that also connects him to the world of cinema.

All with a true long term friend, present at every stage of her life, one of those elegant songwriters who has shown she has a lot to say in writing songs for other singers and in her journey as a songwriter.

Michel Bravi and Federica Abbate Anti-shatter Consolidation of entries in A piece inspired by the fantastic adventure towards the Earth’s core, Through human intertwining between parents and children. the movie Strange world – a mysterious world The song will be released in Italian theaters on Wednesday, November 23, but the song will also be available to listen to in digital stores later.

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