Michel De Herde suspended from DéFI

“This Wednesday evening, after hearing Michel De Herde, the Committee of the Wise, the body responsible for compliance with DéFI ethics, decided on a provisional and protective basis to suspend Michel De Herde from voting and eligibility in the party’s central and local authorities,” DéFI announced in a press release.

“The Committee emphasizes that the decision taken does not undermine the presumption of innocence that Michel De Herde should enjoy. The committee will meet again sometime in January 2023,” the statement said.

As a reminder, he is the subject of several complaints in a sex scandal. His house was searched and Michel De Herde was indicted by an investigating judge last week for assaulting the sexual integrity of an adult and assaulting the sexual integrity of an adult by an authority figure. Councilor Sihame Haddioui (Ecolo), responsible for Gender Equality, accused him of indecent assault and sexist remarks. Another person filed a complaint for “attempted debauchery of a minor and rape”.

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