Messi will never be better than Maradona. Another world is breaking down for the potential heir to the D10S

Exciting in Qatar. Messi strikes sensationally in the first match of the World Cup. And despite the initial goal scored by Messi, Argentina capitulated 1-2 in the presence of Saudi Arabia. An unprecedented, unexpected and exciting defeat for Messi who now risks having to prematurely greet the World Championship.

Messi and Argentina are outdone by the dynamism of their two-run rivals. A historic success for Saudi Arabia, a defeat for Messi and his comrades, who on the eve of many predictions indicated that they are favorites in the race for the title of world champions (read more).

The loud defeat once again gave strength to the numerous link of the ferry connecting Messi and Diego Armando Maradona. The two teams have been facing each other for years to determine whether Messi is better than Maradona or whether Maradona remains the strongest of all, even better than Pele.

Among the most controversial topics in the speech was certainly the World Cup victory. Diego Armando Maradona conquered Mexico, and not only with the hand of the D10S, the title of world champion. Messi has not yet reached this milestone. In fact, more often than not, his World Championship performances have fallen short of his phenomenal level.

Doha is Messi’s farewell World Cup. Last chance to get close to the football throne D10S. Already strewn with obstacles before today, the road has now become an almost impossible mountain for Messi and Argentina to climb. Maradona fans calm down: Continuing like this, Messi will not be able to scratch the legend of Maradona. Messi supporters are hoping for a leap of pride starting with the next game against Mexico which has already become somewhat of an inside out for the Albiceleste.

From soccer heaven Diego Armando Maradona watches the competition happy. He loves Argentina and supports his country. I think you even root for Messi knowing very well that his greatness cannot be overshadowed even by a victory in Qatar. It’s the D10S for soccer, the other in the best of champions and champions. He practically single-handedly won the World Cup and made Napoli a winner in Italy and Europe, which without Diego Armando Maradona would only have won a few Italian cups.

Today’s defeat ends the Messi-Maradona debate, perhaps forever. To each his own and let’s not swear anymore.

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