Meross Thermostat and Diffuser review: Your 100% smart home

All of us, some in a more radical way and others with some sophistication, are dealing with home automation in the domestic environment: it started with Alexathanks for the Amazon which, with its cheaper devices, has brought voice assistants (and thus home automation) to all of our homes.

Now it’s almost everything Clever, from light bulbs to air fresheners that can be controlled remotely with voice or a smartphone. Among the most interesting companies providing home automation solutions out there Myros, a brand that produces various smart accessories from multi-socket plugs to thermostats to pass through speakers and much more. Today I tell you about two products that the company sent us, the thermostat and the diffuser.

Meross Thermostat and Diffuser Review


The Smart thermostat is the first of the products that the company invited us to try: first of all, I tell you that there are many variations of this product, depending on Heating system installed In your home. You have chosen the traditional type for boilers and radiators, but you can also find the right one for organizing floor systems.

for him management And its installation is very simple: you can replace it with the classic “old style” thermostat you have at home, because the connections are exactly the same. As can be seen from the schematics below, the only difference is the cables are connected in position 6-7 where an external sensor can be attached Myros provided in the package and allow external positioning of the probe to take measurements The temperature is more accurate (But it is not necessary to use it).

Once connected, the device has a file Touch screen with white letters; Unfortunately, the black variant of this thermostat isn’t available, so if it conflicts with your home’s design, unfortunately you’ll have no other choice. Its operation is very simple, it does not require any hub to configure itself and everything can be done via the smartphone app. Once connected to a home Wi-Fi network, the Meross smart thermostat is instantly detected in home automation apps built into smartphones, such as Apple’s “Home”, as well as various voice assistants on your smartphone that immediately suggest the association (in my case Alexa).

For the rest, it is a classic thermostat with all the typical functions to which we are accustomed: there is the possibility of programming by time, days or temperature, all with an intuitive interface that is easy to configure in all respects, unlike some old thermostats that, often May require a large dose of patience.

Of course I mentioned compatibility with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings: This gives you the possibility to manage all functions, also remotely, even with the only use of audio without the smartphone or without getting up from the sofa.

surrounding speaker

on me publisher and air freshener MyrosHowever, there is little to say: aesthetically, it is the classic room diffuser we are used to, and it has a rather minimalist style with faux wood finishes, since it is made entirely of plastic. Very pleasant Circular led which separates the bottom from the removable top and allows water to be filled with essential oils added to scent the environment.

In the end they do exist Two physical buttons: The first is useful for turning on the device if you don’t have voice assistants to activate it, and the second lets you turn on the lights only. What are its additional features that distinguish it from ordinary headphones? It is also equipped with wifi connection And compatibility with the various voice assistants I mentioned earlier. Once connected to your home network, and the Meross app will be required for the first connection, we will be able to integrate it with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant in order to automatically plan, turn on and off. Obviously, if you don’t have a voice assistant, you can do everything via the phone app, adjusting the color and intensity of the light as well as the strength of the ambient speaker.

Pricing and considerations

Both devices can be purchased Amazon Through the box below: they have gods Prices online With competitors and certainly more affordable, especially in light of the fact that they are smart products and compatible with all the voice assistants out there. In addition, if you want to complete the smart ecosystem of your home, there are a huge amount of products on the manufacturer’s official website to make every corner of your home smart.

Meross WiFi Thermostat, WiFi Boiler Thermostat, Smart Wall Thermostat for …

Meross WiFi Thermostat, WiFi Boiler Thermostat, Smart Wall Thermostat for Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant, Programmable Function, LED Display Digital Chronothermostat

59.49 euros

69.99 euros


2 new from 59.49 euros

4 used from 57.71 euros

As of 11/21/2022 14:08

Miros Essential Oil Diffuser with Apple HomeKit, Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser with…

Miros Aroma Diffuser with Apple HomeKit, Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser with LED Light, Voice Commands and WiFi Connected Remote Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Siri, Alexa and Google Home

39.94 euros

46.99 euros


4 new from 39.94 euros

6 used from 37.14 euros

As of 11/21/2022 14:08

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