Meross is the first company to introduce a smart turnkey material jack to the market

Before they can be defined as “Matter-compliant,” smart home devices must go through a certification process at licensed physical centers by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). If we exclude Google’s Nest Wifi Pro, it’s likely that Meross was the first to introduce and launch to market a new specific product for the Matter-certified connected home: it’s the new Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini.

Currently, Meross’ Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini (MSS115) is only available in the United States with the classic US NEMA 5-15 plug.

The smart plug can already be purchased and Meross has also run cross-promotions for a bundle with two smart Wi-Fi Plug Minis.

The first 500 units sold at 50% off at $49.99, and the second promotion ran on 500 units at 30% off the list price. The first batch will be shipped at the end of December, and the second at the end of January 2023.

We contacted Meross to find out when Smart Article WiFi Plug Mini It will be available in Europe: you have to wait until February 2023.

It’s an important smart plug but it doesn’t work on Thread

There’s a very curious detail regarding Meross’ new comment: It works on Matter but over Wi-Fi, because it doesn’t have threading compatibilitynetwork protocol for low-power devices (and not only).

However, the Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini would also have been an ideal candidate for the role of a Thread router, since it is a device that is always connected to the power grid.

What is Thread and how does it work, the communication protocol used by Matter for the connected home

Go deep

Meross reports that the new socket is its first “Matter over Wi-Fi” product, but it’s not clear if others will also open up to Thread, nor at this time outline a plan to upgrade the software to Matter for devices already on the market.

We asked Meross if he plans to offer devices on the Thread network as well, but we didn’t get a definitive answer.

Update 11/17: Added Meross answers about socket availability in Europe and devices on the Thread network.

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