Meix-devant-Virton B is on track

Drop 3-2 Nothomb / Post, win 4-2 at Jamoigne / Chiny but take a 4-0 rouste at Martelange or split the stakes 1-1 with Arlon, Gilles Thiriot’s Méchois are really capable of the best like the worst in this championship. “The motivation is more present against the big hitters,” said the coach. “The numbers (17 out of 39) from the first round meet my expectations. The interprovincial U19s are almost saved. It is well. This way I can launch other young people into battle during the season. The concern of a B team is the blatant lack of automation, training attendance (the absences are often the same), and never being able to set up a standard team. »

Its sole purpose is to ensure maintenance (+ 8 and + 13 on the last two Châtillon and Arlon). Saint-Léger and Bleid are on the program before the break. “We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

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