Meanwhile, the poll is over

Musk recently launched a new poll on Twitter, essentially asking users if it’s OK to unblock almost all blocked accounts (provided they “He did not break the law or engage in blatant spam“). Voting is over The result is what you would expect.

In fact, as you can see on Twitter Misk profileThe poll ended up with over 3 million votes in the end. 72.4% of users voted yeswhile 27.6% voted simply “no”, as had happened previously in the Trump return poll (although in this case the percentages were more “questionable”), voting accounts pointed in the direction of opening the profile.

musk He commented with “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” saying that The trial will begin next week. In any case, the entrepreneur recently announced that he does not intend to return everyone to the platform. Indeed, Musk has said it is not in his plans to restore accounts like those of Alex Jones, which are linked to some conspiracy theories.

Meanwhile, according to the Financial Times, it has been decided Twitter’s Brussels office closed. This choice is causing concern among EU officials, who wonder if the company will now actually be able to comply with rules about online content control (the Digital Services Act is also involved). In short, the situation related to the social network of drowners is still messy to say the least.

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