Mazda’s promise: 2040 will be impossible

With the already public goal of achieving carbon neutrality in all its operations by 2050, Mazda has announced an update to its medium-term strategic plan up to 2030, apparently based on the electrification of the vehicle range.

A three-step plan and the greatest ambition in 2040

The plan was divided into three phases. From now until 2024, Mazda will prioritize strengthening its technological development This affects supply chains, but also has an impact on cost reduction. However, it will continue to launch electrified vehicles during this biennium.

Move on to the period that’s going From 2025 to 2027, Mazda said it will continue to build components in-house necessary for the transition to the electrification of its range and to adapt to the regulations that are becoming increasingly strict, especially in Europe.

With the CX-60 SUV, Mazda is presenting the Japanese company’s first plug-in hybrid

The transition will be completed in 2030 with the third phase, bearing the fruits of collaborations in various areas, such as those already signed with Imasen Electric Industrial, Ondo Corporation, Chuo Kaseihin, Hiroshima Aluminum Industry, HIROTEC Corporation, Fukuta Electric & Machinery and ROHM for the development and production of highly efficient electric drive systems.

The new technologies also affect the development of inverters and include silicon carbide semiconductors. The batteries are supplied by partner companies, which have recently, but in the medium term, been joined by Envision AESC Mazda plans to study the possibility of personally investing in the production of batteries.

The Hiroshima House has another goal, perhaps the most ambitious of all: Reduce the number of fatal accidents caused by any Mazda model to zero by 2040.

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