Mazda accelerates electrically: a new 3-phase plan until 2030

Mazda has decided to update its strategic plan, Accelerating electrification. In addition, he shared i Representation of a sports coupe concept with shapes reminiscent of those of the MX-5. No specific technical information was provided on this car, dubbed the “Vision Study Model” by the Japanese brand. So for now it seems like a simple design study, an exercise in style.

This concept should therefore not anticipate any production model. However, in the past Mazda had presented a number of concepts that never went into production. However, nothing prevents us from thinking that some stylistic details could then be present on future models from the Japanese company, perhaps starting with the next generation of the MX-5. However, there will be a way to find out in the next few months.


The environment in which car manufacturers operate has changed dramatically in recent years, especially in Europe with the growth of electrified products and the associated regulatory environment. That’s what Mazda has chosen Update your strategy. In order to be able to react flexibly to these future changes, Mazda has introduced a three-phase plan to 2030.

In detail, from today and until 2024, the automaker will focus on the “Achieving greater resilience to changes in the environment, with a focus on strengthening technology development, supply chains and cost-cutting efforts“.

In addition, it will continue to accelerate the electrification of its cars and launch new products that meet the regulations in the respective markets by implementing its multi-solution approach accordingly. Next year e.g. the Mazda MX-30 R-EV will arrive, a variant of the MX-30 electric crossover that we have already tested, which is characterized by the presence of a Wankel engine used as a range extender. Other electrified models will also be launched, including the seven-seat Mazda CX-80 SUV.

The second phase of Mazda’s new plan will run between 2025 and 2027. As regulations tighten, particularly in Europe, Mazda will continue to build the components across its range needed to make the transition to electrification. This includes both refining and leveraging Mazda’s diverse electrification and manufacturing technologies, as well as introducing new battery electric vehicles worldwide.

The third phase ends in 2030. Mazda will make the transition to electrification through partnerships in various areas. In fact, the automaker has announced a series of agreements for the development and production of electric drives. We will also work with partners on inverters and on the development of new technologies for electric motors.

Mazda will also evaluate this Opportunity to invest in the production of batteries. In the meantime, it will continue to source batteries from its partners, including Envision AESC. At the same time, the automaker will also work on developing advanced driver assistance technologies to be integrated into its future cars.

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