Maybe it’s time to change your Android smartphone: find out why

Since September, more than a third Android devices It will no longer be supported: it is supported by Bitdefender specialists, a company that deals with cyber security. This reality experts have examined devices running Android Bitdefender Mobile Security in order to verify how it works The operating system It is distributed to the whole range of smartphones and understand the true level of IT security. Well, at the moment out of all the Android devices that are still supported by Google, the oldest is represented by version 10, which however these days will end life cycle. When this happens, up to 35% of devices that have this software installed cannot be updated.

What will happen

This means that within a few days more or less one third of the phones have Android installed The operating system It should be considered vulnerable from a safety point of view. Currently, devices running on Android account for more or less 70% of the global mobile device market share. However, it is clear that since security and updates can no longer be guaranteed, Old versions They would end up in the crosshairs of hackers, who would have an easy time breaking through defenses that would otherwise be impenetrable.

Security is at risk

Only since the third Latest versions of Android Backed by Google, in a few days the number of devices that will connect to the Internet with little or no security conditions is expected to grow exponentially. Fragmentation is one of the most serious flaws in the Mountain View operating system since Google over the years the past 14 years It has released many versions of Android but, as mentioned, it only supports three versions at the moment. While those who use iPhones and iOS devices in general tend to replace their devices frequently, the situation is different in the case of Android, and there are still many models in circulation that have an Android version from 10 years or more ago. Their prevalence is much higher than one might assume. Also, users in few cases consider software support right now They buy a phone, which is held until it breaks. The problem is that the older a device is, the more vulnerable it is, and it can be hacked by the bad guys.

How do you fix it

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Beware of obsolete phones

when you are about Buy a new phoneGenerally, the aspects on which the choice is based are processing power, ease of use, and screen size. Or you care about image quality or other characteristics, but in any case you don’t consider safety and security Program support period: which, as you can imagine, is a rather grave mistake. In fact, since the manufacturer stops supporting the device, users can still use it; The problem is that if a vulnerability is found, les can no longer be applied splatter by the manufacturer. Therefore, the smartphone would be very vulnerable, and cybercriminals could take advantage of it. The oldest hardware is a gateway and opportunity for hackers.

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