(Maybe) A huge American volcano has been erupting for more than a month

Deep in the Pacific Ocean, in the US Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, there is a volcano to watch more, since it erupted last month (probably) and Nobody noticed.

We are talking about the sea mount AhiyeIt is an undersea volcano about 18 kilometers from the island of Farallon de Pajaros. L’US Geological Survey Describe the situation like this:There are no local monitoring stations in the vicinity of the Ahi seamount, which limits our ability to detect and characterize volcanic disturbances in situ“.

Hydroacoustic sensors are located closest to the site on the Wake Island atoll, which collected signals of activity in mid-October. At first it was not clear whether these had a volcanic or seismic identity. Suspicion was quelled on November 9, when researchers were able to observe satellite images Discoloration of the water surface, where the Ahiei seamount is perfectly situated; Scientists believe it is material expelled from the volcano.

While no further investigation took place at the site, the evidence appears to be quite convincing. “Taken together, these data strongly suggest that Ahyi is the source of activityalthough there are many other seamounts in the areaAl saidUS Geological Survey.

Mount Ahiei is not famous for being a “quiet” terrain in the ocean; In fact, already in 2014 there was an eruption so powerful and explosive that divers heard it at Farallon de Pajaros. As a result of this event, a new crater formed near the volcano’s summit. As if that weren’t enough, the geological structure is part of the Iso-Bonin-Marian Arc, a series of More than 60 active volcanoes.

This is why USGS scientists advise mariners to try it Avoid the area for nowanyway “There is nothing at this time to indicate that the eruption will intensify and get biggersaid geophysicist Matt Haney.

To stay on topic, did you know that there is a marine volcano in Antarctica that triggers 85 earthquakes in four months?

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