Maurizio Costanzo’s appeal to Serena Bortone: “I remember Remigue’s note”

Memo Remigi has been removed from Today is another day charged sexual harassment against Jessica Morlacci. He has repeatedly apologized but has yet to be reinstated on The Sere Bortone Show.

arrive today Maurizio Costanzo’s appeal to Serena Bortone, A call back to Memo Remigi to give him a spot on the show again. Live radio, on Radio 101, where Costanzo has his own programming space, welcomed Laura Freddy, who also participates in Oggi è Un Altro Giorno. It is therefore impossible not to mention the Memo Remigi case, which has been discussed at length in recent weeks, with the decision of Ray and Serena Bortone to expel him from the TV show.

But Maurizio Costanzo believed in his good faith and addressed the landlady directly. Maurizio Costanzo’s appeal to Serena Bortone begins with concern for Memo Remigi’s physical and emotional condition. “How poor is Remigi?”Maurizio Costanzo asked Laura Freddy, who explained that she had not been in contact with him and had just met him because she had only recently been involved.

“I’m sorry Remigi is 84,” he wrote, “and if you knew how strange it was to be in love in Milan,” and I think about his gloom, so if Burton has an iota of oh humanity, call him, say something to him. “Costanzo’s words. Freddy emphasized how much the decision actually depended more on Rai than on the presenter, who limited himself to his delivery on television.

With a note, state television reported the termination of the contract:

Al-Rai terminated the contract that stipulated the participation of the artist, Memo Remigi, in the “Today is a another day” program. In the wake of conduct in violation of the Company’s Code of Ethics, the Daytime Management decided already last Saturday, October 22nd, to suspend appearances in the broadcast that was sent to the interested party. The stable committee of the company’s code of ethics confirmed the violation of the rules.

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