Marvel Snap: Tips and Tricks to Hold on to Your Winning Streak

Marvel Snap is one of the most anticipated games on Android, and with good reason. We finally have a card game that offers a simple set of rules that anyone can learn by playing a 5 minute tutorial. Having worked with Marvel Snap, it’s safe to say it’s a fully-fledged card game that isn’t just a cash grab on the popular Marvel IP; the quick matches and deck-building system provide great accessibility for casual players and seasoned card players alike.

Of course, after playing the tutorial against AI opponents you’ll be sent straight into PvP, so has put together a guide of tips and tricks for beginners – that way everyone can start on a level playing field as they strategize for their favorite Android gaming phone.

The in-game tutorial does a great job of explaining the basics, but there’s more to Marvel Snap than meets the eye, so we’ve outlined the main rules you’ll use in your matches.

  • You have six rounds in total and the game ends once all six rounds have been played.
  • Only 12 cards per deck and no duplicates allowed.
  • The object of the game is to have more points than your opponent in each location at the end of the game (only three in total). The player with the highest score in the slot takes possession of that slot, so you only need to win two of the three slots to guarantee victory.
  • As for tiebreaks: If you tie with your opponent for location control, the tiebreak is determined by the difference of power on each of your winning locations.

The point system and passives

You only have to worry about two points systems for your matches: energy (the blue icon), the effective cost of playing this card, and your power (the golden yellow icon), the value of your card that will be added to your point total at that location.

You get more energy per turn, so you don’t necessarily have to use all your points that turn, and the power of the card can change with passive points.

Your cards can contain passive elements that change as you play them, often giving you more power if played correctly in the most advantageous position. But not only your cards have effects, but also the slots. You may lose cards played in a location if you ignore passive cards. Build an army of cards, and poof, you could lose your army, thanks to the RNG not in your favor!

Competitive game

The Snap feature can raise the stakes of winning and losing a match, allowing for plenty of competitive play during your matches. Essentially, you’re betting on winning more cubes or hitting your cube count if you lose, which can choke your opponents if you’re willing to bet a lot as you play. The number of cubes you own determines how you move up the league ladder, so how quickly you rank up will depend on how many games you win or how many cubes you play per game.

To note: Conceded matches occur when you or your opponent lose a match before it ends; you win/lose less in case of forfeiture.

You don’t have to worry about your ranking until you reach level 10; you start as a rookie by default and then work your way up to Infinite. The higher your rank during the season, the more rewards you earn!

Tips and tricks for beginners

Now that you know the general rules, it’s time to add some strategy with these collected tips and tricks that we think every beginner should know!

  • Prepared the wrong game? You can tap the power icon to access the Undo all actions knob.
  • Save on your credits; your Credits are a scarcer resource. While buying Boosters is tempting, you can earn them just by playing.
  • Anticipate order of card reveal; it could be the difference maker in a game. The player with the most control over the slot (i.e. the most power points in each slot) will reveal their cards first and a tie will generate a random order. The name tag of the player who reveals himself first will light up.
  • Be selective with the cards that go into your deck. Only 12 cards are part of a deck and you can choose which ones come into play; make sure you have a mix of hero cards that work well with your other cards.
  • Don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s best to build your cards to secure one slot at a time and have a strong position with two slots at the end of the six turns. You only need to win two of the three slots to end the match!
  • Mastered energy management. Go cheap on your energy costs so you can play your beastly cards later in the game. Some cards have conditional liabilities (but require 1 or 2 energy to play) that add more power if you meet the conditions.

Play your cards directly in Marvel Snapshot

Surprisingly, Marvel Snap packs a lot of depth for such a simple game, with matches lasting only a few minutes. The fact that there is no charge for the leveling system is also a huge advantage, allowing you to play and level your cards at your own pace. Marvel Snap is not a title to miss, especially if you like playing the best card games on Android, which is exactly why we’ve included the Play Store widget below.

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