“Marc Grosjean has created dynamism again”

Holder at the start of the season before losing his place during Antonio Calderon’s short interim, Joachim Carcela, like his team, SK Deinze, has regained tone and momentum since the appointment of Marc Grosjean as head coach. “He brought the dynamism that we lacked”, confides the Liège median. “We needed a coach who manages to unite the group, to give it an esprit de corps and a fighting spirit, which means that today everyone is committed and fights for the other…”

Joachim Carcela also enjoyed rediscovering the workouts once given to Sclessin by Emilio Ferrera, but also the game patterns he loved. “There is nothing surprising since Emilio Ferrera and Marc Grosjean have been working together for a long time. From a football point of view, Ferrera was the best. With two backs that rise high, two flanks that come into play and, above all, attacking and dominant football. This is what Marc Grosjean has been up to since his arrival has tried to rebuild. We are moving forward, we are on the right track…”

And so is Joachim Carcela, who was trained as a defensive midfielder but is now evolving a notch higher in the game. “I started the season as number 10, before I was deployed on the left flank,” said the one on the bench against Lierse on Sunday. “My versatility is an asset at this level. Since the arrival of Marc Grosjean I have found a place of 8 or 10 behind the striker, it is up to me to press super high and get the ball back as high as possible… ”


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