Marapcana’s name changed to Eurekaddl: NEW LINK

Can’t find Marapcana anymore? Marapcana’s new title: find out what’s what. Is Marapcana closed? No, it just changed its name: Discover the new site/link

Marapcana becomes Eurecaddl

New updated link

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Great news, great site Marapacanaone of the best sites in Italy to download any file absolutely free (and maybe not very legal..).

Surprisingly, in fact, this morning I noticed that when trying to access the old address of Marabacana, a completely new one called Yorkdale.

At first I was afraid I thought Marapcana had closed its doors for good.

But fortunately This is not the case.

exactly the contrary, Marapcana has evolved, becoming more complete And better and changed its name and domain.

In fact, from today Marapcana became Eurecaddl. In practice, it has slightly changed its name, domain, logo and even graphics.

Why did Marapcana become Eurekaddl?

Here is the official reason, which can be read directly on the respective site:

We were the best in music, with an emphasis on rap, and now we are the best in everything, since EUREKAdl was born: we are the answer to all your requests!


Basically, while in the past Marapcana was more focused on the realm of rap, now it’s more of a hit 360 degree download sitewhich allows you to download almost any type of file or material for free, such as:

  • Movies (New Cinema, DVD, BluRay..)
  • TV Series (Netflix, Sky, Disney +..)
  • books
  • audiobooks
  • Music, songs, albums and mp3 files
  • Windows software
  • mac software
  • android software
  • Newspapers, magazines, magazines…
  • Games (Windows PC, consoles..)

And much more!

In short, Whatever file you want to download for free from the Internet, you will find it for free on EUREKAddl.

EUREKAddl new address

Just like Marapcana too EUREKAddl risks closing overnight And having to change the address/domain since then Full of copyright infringing material.

to always find EUREKAddl updated and working address Just type in the address bar of your browser:

>>>> eurekaddl. homes

But it may stop working at any moment, as we mentioned before.

Also, you can always find the new updated EUREKAddl address and work directly on their page Facebook or at this alternate address:


Old Eurekaddl addresses are not working anymore

Like any other illegal site, Eurekaddl is often blocked and hidden in Italy, so it is forced to change the address and domain.

Here, for completeness of information, is a list Old Eurekaddl addresses no longer work:

  • eurekaddl. site
  • eurekaddl. icu
  • eurekaddl website
  • eurekaddl. surf
  • eurekaddl. monster
  • eurekaddl. online
  • eurekaddl. host
  • eurekaddl. download
  • eurekaddl. one
  • eurekaddl. guru
  • eurekaddl. bond
  • eurekaddl. wtf
  • eurekaddl. network
  • eurekaddl. football
  • eurekaddl. boutique
  • eurekaddl. wiki
  • eurekaddl. beauty

Do you need to register on EUREKAddl?

No registration is required to download filesbut:

  • EUREKAddl is best browsed with AdBlocker To block all ad popups all the time
  • It is best to have an EasyBytez premium account To download files almost all of them are uploaded to that portal which as we know limits a lot of free accounts and makes downloads really difficult and slow for those who don’t pay a subscription


Well, with this article on EUREKAddl / Marapcana we are done.

For any other doubts or questions, leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy download!

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