Maneuver 2023, bypasses the obligation to accept POS payments of less than 30 euros

Italy’s payment systems are still changing, as the Cabinet launched the 2023 budget maneuver a few days ago. Among the 136 articles of the Meloni government budget lawThere is a radical change for electronic payments.

In addition toRaise the cash ceiling to 5,000 euroswhich faced political forces in recent days, the government canceled the obligation to accept points of sale also for small payments.

For amounts less than 30 eurosIn fact, merchants will no longer have to accept payments by credit cards and Bancomat, and fines imposed by the Draghi Executive will be suspended.

As reported by Il Sole 24 ore, which had the opportunity to analyze the entire system of law, the Ministry of Enterprises and Manufacturers in Italy will have to make the decision within 180 days (so by June 2023) “Exclusion criteria, in order to ensure proportionality of the penalty and to ensure transactional economy in relation to the costs of the same penalty“.

So basically we go back to last year, before the introduction of the rule by the Draghi government that put a lot of emphasis on using electronic payments to reduce miropay payment evasion. Even Conte’s second government has tracked payments with post-pandemic cashback.

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