Make your home sparkle with JIMMY vacuum cleaners on sale this Black Friday

What is the best fit, if not Black Fridayprogram to win Vacuum Cleaner To clean the house faster and more effectively? We have selected some of the best deals Jimmya well-known manufacturer that has also cooperated in the past with Xiaomi Which today produces some of the most popular value-for-money vacuum cleaners. Let’s take a look at the displayed items that we have selected for you!

The best JIMMY vacuum cleaners on offer for Black Friday

Offer JIMMY Vacuum Cleaner Amazon Black Friday

Before starting our selection of offers Black Fridayif you are interested in discovering all articles Jimmy At a discount we advise you to look into the shop Brand On Amazon: If you don’t see the boxes below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.

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More is less

Discounts on many products!

One of many products Jimmy On offer isBX7 Pro Portable Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner. This device, though small and compact, is equipped with a powerful 700W motor that promises to Removes 99.99% of mites and bacteria Thanks to the ultraviolet and ultrasonic sterilization technology, which not only eliminates their reproduction and growth, but also prevents them.

Beyond that, Jimmy BX7 Pro It is also equipped with an advanced function Sunlight simulation It is allowed to emit heat at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. This way, with the extra-wide tick-fighting brush, the vacuum cleaner can do it sterility Mattresses, sofas, pillows and other surfaces. Another interesting feature is the dust sensor, which can perceive the amount of dirt on a surface and turns blue when it’s completely clean and free of dust/mites, or red if it’s not.

Offer JIMMY Vacuum Cleaner Amazon Black Friday

Another product shown is Vacuum Cleaner Wireless Jimmy H9 Flex. With an ergonomic design designed to ensure deep cleaning, practical and effective, this vacuum cleaner is equipped with Brushless digital motor of high speed 500 watts And the suction power is 200 AW. The built-in battery provides up to 80 minutes of autonomyenough to clean even very large homes.

Jimmy H9 Flex Then he has LED screens Which shows the state of the battery and the mode of active use: in particular, provided by the vacuum cleaner four (Economy mode, turbo mode, maximum mode, automatic mode, to ensure easy cleaning of the house). This device also has a sophisticated look LEDs Which allows you to vacuum more accurately in dark corners, identify dirt and dust and indicate it on the screen.

As expected, these are just some of the products Jimmy On the show, on the occasion Black Friday They see a low price. Below you will find the box containing the purchase link: If you don’t see the boxes below correctly, remember to try disabling AdBlock.

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