Major Project Delays Alert: $40B at Risk ‘Months and Years Lost to Recovery’

Pnrr, we have a problem, big 40 billion. The initial phase was carried out by the Draghi government but the difficult part comes now when we then have to move from the papers to the construction sites. Here come no committees, environmentalists, appeals to the tar, and the works stop even before they have started, as the Giornale reported yesterday on the high-speed construction sites in Bari stopped by the administrative judges protecting carob and almond trees. The government has recognized that times are short and many projects are at risk. Next to Palazzo Chigi, the two ministries most involved in the so-called “grounding” of the plan are Infrastructure, ie Matteo Salvini, and that for European Politics, ie Raffaele Fitto, which among the many powers has precisely those in the Pnrr . The two ministers met at MIT “to take stock of the situation on the Pnrr, particularly in relation to public works and their progress” and with the aim of “having a detailed, complete and defined picture as soon as possible”. . “I’ve been running like crazy for 30 days, the whole government is trying to make up for the lost months and years – explains Salvini –. There are so many construction sites that still have billions at risk, I will not comment on what those who have been there before me have done. I unlock works every day, I am happy because with this maneuver strategic works are financed from North to South ».

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni also spoke on the subject at the Anci Assembly, a day after President Sergio Mattarella recalled right there that “the Pnrr is an appointment that Italy cannot avoid”. Meloni moves in two directions to complete the objectives. The first is to agree with Brussels on an “adjustment” of the Pnrr: “We must examine with the EU the most appropriate measures to update the Pnrr,” he told ANCI.

The other way is to simplify the rule forest, starting with the abuse of office for the mayors who sign the resolutions for the contracts, «in the transition between the allocation and use of resources, as inevitable, all the problems of the system of rules arise fragmented and complex . Certain, simple and stable rules are needed,” says the Prime Minister in video connection with the Assembly of Italian Mayors, urging them to “work as a team” to achieve with the government the list of targets set out in the loan recovery plan And only yesterday it leaked out from Brussels that the EU Commission “expects several amendments to the national recovery and resilience plans in the coming months, and Italy is also expected”.

The “critical points” mentioned by Meloni are numerous and known to the ministries. According to government estimates, cited by Sole24Ore, 40 of the 200 billion Pnrr are classified as critically endangered. The ministerial reports deal with a wide variety of problems, from “geological unforeseen” to questions of “landscape permits”, from “extensions of construction times due to archaeological finds” to “contradictory environmental regulations”. Adding to these problems is the increase in the cost of materials, which has resulted in many tenders being postponed, not updated and thus fizzled out. However, the terms of the award expire in the first three months of 2023. There’s still time, but it’s short.

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