MagicOS 7.0 the new interface from Honor: all the news and updated smartphones

to honor officially announced Magic OS 7.0, an unreleased version of the operating system that we will find on board the Honor 80 range presented in these hours. It’s set to succeed Magic UI 6, which launched just 8 months ago, and its name change aims to represent a break with the past in the name of a better user experience. In fact, the novelties are different from an aesthetic point of view, as are the many features introduced by Honor, including a renewed video editor.

With its fully updated software architecture, Honor MagicOS brings to life an inclusive ecosystem for an unparalleled user experience. By enabling seamless collaboration between devices and ecosystems, Honor MagicOS will truly transform device-based experiences into user-centric experiences – George Zhao, CEO of Honor

The interface design is minimal, with flat icons, a new font (Honor Sans), larger folders and many widgets for customizing the home screen. The built-in functions are also highlighted Magic Rings, which makes sending documents and sharing files and notifications between Honor devices extremely easy, as well as Magic Text, with which it is possible to extract text from an image and convert it to PDF. The surface is also optimized for foldable smartphones.

In summary:

  • Magic Rings: Sharing between Honor devices: Multiple devices connected to the same account can be connected smoothly and with low power consumption. And it also connects services: users can use the same keyboard and mouse on multiple devices and receive notifications on a device other than their smartphone, as well as use the same app on multiple devices.
  • Magic Text: Text to image to pdf
  • OS Turbo X, GPU Turbo X and Link Turbo X: faster app opening and better power management, smoother games and low latency, and reducing network issues for optimized connectivity
  • MagicGuard: more protection against malware, more security for data and more privacy. It consists of three layers of protection in the chipset, the operating system and the app. Benefit from the Dual TEE Security System developed in collaboration with Qualcomm

All these innovations are made available to developers who can thus work on 5 scenarios that Honor considers central to the user experience: work remotely, health and fitness, smart home, travel smart, entertainment.

MagicOS 7.0 has also been designed to be fully compatible with foldable smartphones: the latest model is Magic Vs, fresh from its presentation.


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    • V40 Light Luxury Edition
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