Mads Mikkelsen’s personality has been revealed on Twitter

Indiana Jones will be back soon! Nearly fifteen years after his last adventures in the cinema, the famous archaeologist returns on a frantic new mission across the world. The fifth film is scheduled to hit theaters in 2023. Fans can’t wait to meet Harrison Ford in the role, but also to meet the villain, played by Mads Mikkelsen.

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Empire magazine revealed a photo of this opponent who responds to Voller’s name.

Correcting past mistakes

After playing a fearsome black magician in Fantastic Beasts, Mads Mikkelsen has remained on the record for antagonists with his character in Indiana Jones 5. In an interview with Empire magazine, the actor delved into some secrets about Voller. Thus, he introduced the character as a person of desire To correct some of the wrongs of the past.

“There is something that can make the world a better place to live. [Voller] I like to get my hands on it. Indiana Jones also wants to get their hands on him. And so, we have a story.”Mads Mikkelsen also teased him regarding his character’s motivations.

Empire magazine published a photo of Voller on its Twitter account: elegant hat, round glasses, leather trench coat … We can see that the character is very elegant, but above all he looks very smart. Showdown with Indiana Jones promises to be very interesting!

Indiana Jones in 1969

The full synopsis details of Indiana Jones 5 are not yet known, but the plot will be set in the year 1969. Indiana Jones will once again find himself fighting the Nazis in a grueling race to find a valuable artifact that will change the world. Harrison Ford will eventually be around for adventures as Indiana Jones.

Fans are already curious what will happen to the character at the end of the movie, but especially what this means for the franchise. Will the next Indiana Jones movies be rebooted? Unless this fifth and final film with Harrison Ford is an occasion to launch a new generation of Indiana Jones? We still have to wait before we know more.

The adventure film doesn’t hit theaters until June 2023 (if all goes well). There is still more than six months to wait!

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