Lower tax cuts: what happens to fuel

In the draft decree expected in the Council of Ministers with the budget law, there is also a reduction in the discount applied to excise of fuel.

As I mentioned El Sol 24 Ore Radiocor Plusperks are in place so she’ll suffer from a shorthandRegarding diesel for land transport carriers, there will be a stop in December.

What will change

It is, as we said, legitimate Decree by law He called for “urgent measures on excise duties, value-added tax on fuel, support for local authorities and marching areas affected by exceptional meteorological events.” Then this decree is added to dl Aiuti quater.

According to news agencies, the project is talking about revising the prices applied to fuel. Specifically, in connection with Gas The price is expected to rise from €478.40 per thousand liters expected until November 30 to €578.40 per thousand liters from December 1 until the end of the year. Modifications for gas oils or diesel For fuel: from 367.40 euros per thousand liters until November 30, it will rise to 467.40 euros per thousand liters from December 1 until the end of the month.

As for LPG, it will rise from 182.61 euros per thousand liters in November to 216.67 euros per thousand liters in December. Regarding diesel used as fuel carriersIt appears that easing is only expected for the month of November. The hiatus should come in December.

Basically, it would be necessary to switch from a reduction of 30.5 cents (including VAT) to one of 18.3 cents (15 cents + VAT).


The idea of ​​lowering the discount on excise duty does not seem to be favourable codaconwho declared himself totally against it. “This is an absurd measure that will have severe direct and indirect effects on the pockets of ItaliansPresident Carlo Renzi said, it reported Dealing. “This will result in an immediate rise in petrol and diesel prices at the pump by 12.2 cents per liter and larger expenses equal to +6.1€ per tank full, +146€ per year per household assuming two tanks full of fuel per month, a bill that goes up to increase vehicle use by citizens“, he added. “Secondly, and more seriously, a reduction in the excise tax would have significant spillover effects, with an increase in retail prices for the goods transported, given that in Italy 85% of goods travel overland. So there will be negative consequences for inflation, at a time when retail prices should calm downHe finished.

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