low cost technology? Here’s how to get it for less than 25 euros

There is no doubt that technological products are the most popular and most requested on the occasion of Black Friday, but it is not always easy to find low-cost products, and perhaps gift ideas for friends or relatives. Banggood solves this problem with its “Unbeatable Prices” campaign, which allows you to choose from thousands of products offered for less than 25 euros.

Excellent solutions for gifts, but also opportunities to save on products that are always in demand, such as headphones, charging cables, lights and much more. The discounts are very attractive and all products are offered for less than 25 euros. In some cases shipping costs may be added, but they are always very low. Remember that Prices include VAT And any customs fees that may be applied when the goods arrive in our country.

Unbeatable prices of less than 25 euros

A very clear example of a product that should not be missing is the USB Type-C / Type-C cable BlitzWolf BW-TC23, at just under 9€ with shipping costs of around 1€. This is an ideal cable for devices that support super fast charging up to 100W, with a small display on one end.

On the small liquid crystal display it will be possible to view the instantaneous power available and to understand whether the Power Delivery Protocol is active or not. Very useful to know if your smartphone is exploiting its full potential or if you need to purchase a new power supply capable of providing the required power. Below is the purchase link.

Buy BlitzWolf BW-TC23 from Banggood for € 8.71 (+ € 1.29 shipping)

Below you will find a selection of the most interesting products, and at the end of the page a link to the page dedicated to the promotion.

  • BlitzWolf BW-S21 GaN 35 W charger at € 15.10
  • 5-in-1 Hub with SD Card Reader for €13.55
  • 61-key mechanical keyboard, priced at 12.59 euros
  • BlitzWolf MW-SHP15, smart plug with app at 14.52 €
  • SONOFF S26 smart plug at 13.55 euros
  • GOKOO S11 smart watch with a 1.28-inch screen, at 20.82 euros
  • USB heated jacket for € 21.30
  • Haylou GT7 true wireless headphones for 17.43 euros

Unbeatable pricing campaign on Banggood

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