Longer: 3D printers and laser engravers at the lowest price ever with Black Friday

with offers from Black FridayYou have no more excuses for not being creative! long offer a lot 3D printers And the laser engravers To the low priceAnd, for this article, we at GizChina chose a file Best offers for you! Start rolling up your sleeves and setting up the station to bring all your DIY projects to life.

The best long deals for Black Friday

The longest running 3D laser printer on Black Friday

Before we jump into our picks, let’s remember this All articles Found on the official website of long It can be purchased from a low price. To discover them all and proceed with purchases, take a look at the page dedicated to the initiative. You will find the link below: If you don’t see the boxes below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.

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Discounts on laser engraving machines and 3D printers.

More is less

Discounts on many products!

And now let’s move on to the offers that we have selected for you, starting with Longer Ray5 10Wa laser engraving machine that we also tested and really appreciate (click over here for our full review).

Longer Ray5 10W It can be accurately engraved at equal speed 10000 mm/min. Work area 400×400 mm It allows you to print and engrave large surfaces, while allowing 10W unit Marked by Double beam technology which guarantees cutting out Fine linesand provide results Superior quality.

The engraving machine has a touch screen of 3.5″ Thanks to this, you can interact in a simple and intuitive way with the device to control the engraving process, create some settings and transfer data from the device to a smartphone, tablet, computer or vice versa via Wi-Fi.

For Black Friday, the laser engraver Longer Ray5 10W It can be purchased at a discounted price of $409.99, which is the lowest price ever. For those interested, LONGER also offers a set containing several accessories at a special price.

The longest running 3D laser printer on Black Friday

Now let’s move on to a 3D printer. You will also find among the exhibits The LK5 Pro, your ready-to-use (or almost) 3D printer. One of its characteristics, in fact, is 90% pre-assembled structureSo it is very easy to install. The triangular structure provides greater stability during the printing process.

Added to this is a large print area of 300 x 300 x 400 mmchip TMC2208 On the X / Y / Z axis and excellent 4.3-inch color touch control screen. there The LK5 Pro It is an FDM 3D printer. The maximum temperature that can be reached is 280 degrees Celsius.

For Black Friday, the 3D printer The LK5 Pro It can be purchased at a discounted price of $289.99, which is the lowest price ever this year.

The longest running 3D laser printer on Black Friday

The last selected article is another 3D printer, file Longest 4K orange resin. This features a resolution of 6480 x 3840 and 10.5/31.5 µm subpixels, providing an output Very high quality For fine, intricate details printed with precision. The solution 4k Actually you are allowed Print the small details As ultra-fine lines in higher resolution than a 2K printer.

3D printer Longest 4K orange resin Equipped with dual Z-axis linear guides and comes with a metal frame that keeps the entire printing procedure stable, and provides durable Reliable, high-quality results.

On the occasion of Black Friday, a 3D printer 4K orange resin It can be purchased at a discounted price of $235.99, which is the lowest price ever.

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