Logitech accidentally revealed two new iPad Pro models

On the Logitech website, some revealing information has surfaced about two new iPads that have not yet been announced. Apple’s next major event is approaching (maybe in October)It is almost certain that these new devices will be part of it. Let’s see in advance what we can expect.

The information comes from a somewhat unusual source: the Crayon Digital Pencil card, which is an external stylus with excellent integration with Apple tablets. In fact, the sixth-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the fourth-generation 11-inch iPad Pro appeared on the list of supported devices. Models do not exist, at least for the time being.

This is especially important because Logitech and Apple have a very close partnership: The Crayon Digital Pencil is actually one of the very few third-party crayons that work with iPads. So it probably isn’t a bug, but the information was added much earlier.

Curiously, no mention of the iPad 10 has surfaced instead, which could mean that it won’t launch in October but later. However, Logitech promptly corrected the error, and there is no longer any mention of new iPads on the site. At least for now.

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