Linux 6.1-rc6: This version is also larger than standard

The Linux kernel programmer team has released the sixth version release of candidates From Linux 6.1. This test release arrives without delay on schedule but according to “charitable dictator” Linus Torvalds, the project lead, it is again a larger than usual release due to the large number of changes and commits received during the week that has just passed.

Here’s the comment for Linux 6.1-rc6 posted by Linus Torvalds on the project’s official mailing list:

We’re here with rc6 and it hasn’t changed much. This version filter is still a bit bigger than I would have preferred, but there’s nothing that seems particularly difficult or worrisome about this version. Driver updates in the various subsystems, for example, most The upgrades are for the GPU (graphics processing unit), which doesn’t surprise me, and also for the network part, to support different hardware and file system architectures.

By following the short blog, it is very easy to understand what is going on in this build. Nothing really bothers me but it’s an above average size anyway. I am increasingly convinced there will be an RC8 but I am still discussing it with the team.

we will see. I have to announce the Linux 6.2 window merge during the holidays. Everything will probably line up and be good to go before the merge window opens. Now please continue testing the code.

Technically, this should be the penultimate beta release for this development branch, in fact the stable version should see the light on December 4th. However, the possibility that Linus Torvalds, and the rest of the team, might decide to add an additional release candidate due to numerous pull requests, has not been completely ruled out, thus delaying the arrival of the stable release by a week.

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