LG revolutionized car speakers: They fit anywhere and look like a passport

Thanks to automotive components, as well as household appliances, LG Closed a record quarter, last quarter. Most of the products that contributed to the score, for example, were not seen You won’t even see the newest gimmick Through which LG will try to strengthen its position. But you will feel it.

LG Display announced Thin operator audio solutionIn other words – as LG itself defines them – a “Invisible” car speaker. The biggest advantage lies in the much smaller dimensions than classic car speakers which allow the subtle sound solution to be placed almost anywhere Turn everything into a megaphone – That’s why it’s “invisible”.

From the pictures it appears to be as big as a wallet though much thinner “Thanks to the technology of exciting films” Developed by LG Display. This way, as we said, designers can turn anything into a megaphone: The unit vibrates and makes the object it is inserted into vibrate, which then generates sound waves and thus sound.

Like spokes but without the gli fatigues Loudspeaker. The driver’s thin audio solution measures 150 x 90mm, but to be surprised it is 2.5 mm thickthat is, almost like two coins stacked on top of each other, and 40g weight. LG proudly says that they are 70% lighter in weight than classic car speakers and 90% thinner.

Plus trivial examples of a file screen placement From the invisible speaker, remember LG Headlining, pillars and headrests, but the general feeling is that manufacturers who have to use the player’s thin sound solution can indulge themselves. We have to understand If and how much the return will be different For such a miniature product, that forgoes diaphragm flight for a wildly vibrating system. LG claims that the sound quality is not compromised, quite the opposite.

Finally, unlike the classic megaphone, the solution to the gentle sound of the player Rare earths are not used Like neodymium, which is beneficial for environmental impact. A potentially game-changing innovation that won the company an award CES 2023 Innovation Awards in category In-car entertainment and safety For scale, innovation in design, sound expertise and environmental sustainability. will be displayed For the first time live at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

We’ve transformed the traditional heavy and bulky speaker into a high-quality “invisible” audio solution by using our advanced technology to maximize space, design, and environmental factors and deliver a superior audio experience like never before. Now – said Yu Chun Ho, Vice President and Head of Business Development, LG Display.

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