Lenovo is an “extreme” tablet

Launching powerful tablets has gone from being something exceptional to being practically a must for almost all manufacturers present in this market. Example Lenovoout of the form Extreme tab It seems that it is about to launch a new tablet that aims to become a viable alternative to the brands that are dominating this market, i.e. apple And the samsung.

This model is not yet official, but its traces have already been intercepted on a large scale, and therefore, we know that it is about to arrive and also some important elements Technical Specifications.

Lenovo Tab Extreme – how will it be

Technical data for New Lenovo tablet It becomes public knowledge when it is intercepted in the Google Play Console listing, where devices that have (or will have) access to Mountain View Company services are recorded. This can only mean the imminent arrival of the tablet market we are talking about. In fact, only devices that are at least Already supported To be sold worldwide.

The model we are talking about is as mentioned Lenovo Tab Extremewhich will give effective and reliable continuity Tab P12 Pro. This device will also have a fairly large screen 11 in With a plate that is sure to write OLEDs with a solution 3,000 x 1,876 pixels. This feature highlights Lenovo’s intention to introduce the tablet to Professional use.

Lenovo Tab Extreme will have a file Stunning design With symmetrical mounting positions and physical buttons to control the volume that will be placed at the top of the device, which is not very common compared to the vast majority of tablets on the market. There will be one Camera For selfies in a hole in the middle of the upper frame, while nothing is known about the photographic compartment on the back of the tablet.

The new Lenovo Tab Extreme tablet will have a MediaTek processor, a manufacturer that is increasingly present in all market segments because it offers very powerful and efficient chipsets. Specifically, the device used in the Lenovo Tab Extreme will be the Mediatek dimension 9000Which Best chips of 2022 From the Taiwanese manufacturer.

Another detail that can be noticed in the listing is related to the RAM, which will be the same 8 GBthe endowment that guarantees it Android 13 It will work without any problem, even with different applications On, even in split screen. There are several options for storage space, at a minimum 128 GB from the memory.

Lenovo Tab Extreme: when it arrives

Lenovo Tab Extremeas mentioned, will come with Android 13 It is pre-installed and therefore it could also be the first tablet to be launched with this version of Google OS. Unless Google announces the Pixel Tablet first. Either way, both models are expected to hit the shelves very soon, maybe even before the end of the year. As for the price of the Lenovo Tab Extreme, we will have to wait for the official launch, but given the technical equipment, the cost will not be affordable for everyone.

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