Lando Buzzanca “skeletal and overworked,” his doctor’s Facebook complaint

Lando Bozanka Skeletal and jaded, we speak again of one of the most recognizable and recognizable faces in our cinema even as his circumstances begin to cause serious concern. when iHis son, Massimiliano, spoke in Pomeriggio5 about his father’s hospitalization After falling out of a wheelchair, which was deemed harmless by the actor’s doctor, Fulvio Tomaselli and his partner, Francesca Della Vallecontinuing to make exact accusations even to the RSA where the actor was assigned.

Lando Buzzanca’s trusted doctor denounced his health condition with a Facebook post avoiding showing the actor’s photos not for privacy but out of respect for our movie star, but he relaunched it: “The ‘loving’ treatment announced in the hospital in RSA from December at the age of 27, they overcame A man who a year ago was walking and talking, in the tragic shadow of himself, curled up in a bed, skeletal, emaciated, exponentially plain.”

This is not the first time the doctor has confirmed his condition and he did the same last summer now admitting that the situation has worsened particularly physically with Lando Bozanka “Structural and overworked, but hugely clear.”

This afternoon, the actor then wanted to clarify a few things using Facebook always and explain some important passages: “I want to reassure his fans. About crucial points. Buzzanca does not suffer from dementia but only aphasia and poor physical condition. She does not have a guardian but only A support officer who plays a different role under the law. He’s been hospitalized in a premium facility where he’s being treated for his physical condition. I realize that inaccurate news is more flattering and itchy, but Lando Bozanca’s mind is intact, unlike his body.”

He is often joined by the actor’s partner, Francesca Della Valle, who in the comments continues to denounce the precarious situation in which the actor finds himself despite her son’s obstinate statement to the contrary: “Who ‘imprisones’ a healthy, strong and free man because Lando is an app Law 6/04 The support officer, in line with the children, with the consent of the guardianship judge, did everything to prevent Lando Bozanka from returning home. How will this story end?

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