LAN Rooms, after the fines surrender: At the beginning of 2023, Esport Palace will be closed. Scolari: “It’s difficult to work in Italy”

After the fines at the beginning of the year, the decision finally: at the beginning of next year, and certainly before April, The Esport Palace in Bergamo will be closed. It is one of the places that, in recent months, has been involved in the work of the Customs and Monopoly Agency (ADM), providing computers and consoles to users for daily online play and tournaments.

The palace of esports isAt an absolute loss: We the shareholders put money in to keep it open“, explained the official Alessio Cicolari in an interview with AGIMEG. He confirmed this to, who reported that”With the damage done, the company that now runs Esport Palace has been damaged beyond repair, and difficult to heal“.

Fines amount to more than 40,000 euros, plus a 100,000-euro asset forfeiture and nearly 4,000 euros in personal computer scrapping expenses.

If we put in two years of Covid before, which really pushed us to the limit, and we add weapons of mass destruction, the price of energy goes up, the costs of a building like this and activity like this, if the judge doesn’t agree with us, moving forward is impossible.“, adds Scolari. The company requested that the procedure be suspended, especially in light of the evolution of the position of the Abu Dhabi Financial Market itself, which acknowledged the existence of loopholes in the legislation.

One of the latest developments concerns the issuance of a license as a mobile offering, which allows these activities to operate quietly. Again, another snag: many municipalities do not issue this license. “They say it opens like an arcade, that is, as before. This is also the case for many of our other colleagues.Scolari told AGIMEG.

Collaboration with PLB from Vieri and Corradi

Cicolari emphasized that the Esport Palace reopened after a few months of sanctions, with all gaming stations seized, despite the fact that the business is still making losses.

Earlier this year, a number of LAN and eSports rooms in Italy were involved in an action by ADM in the absence of the necessary authorizations, according to the agency, to be able to operate these gaming stations in violation of the Uniform Codes of Public Safety. (TULPS).

ADM stepped in because, in short, these LAN rooms needed to be certified so that no gambling from these gaming stations would be guaranteed. Something that, by virtue of the characteristics of the activity and video games involved, is not possible, unlike other devices.

And that legislation, which was written in a different era where esports chambers were either in their infancy or not, remains the root of the problem. “With such regulation, foreign investors or large corporations do not investCicolari warns.If I wanted to do a big event with a huge pool of prizes, I couldn’t do that. If I wanted to build a huge team and manage it decently, I wouldn’t be able to do that much because contracts for esports players don’t exist.. “

AK Informatica, another company managed by Cicolari, will continue with other activities, one of which is the collaboration with former footballers Christian Vieri and Bernardo Corradi, active in the esports sector through PLB, a project to train young players interested in a professional career.

As part of the project, A LAN room will be opened in Milan called PLB Worldwhere AK Informatica will manage the export portion and provide technology support for Vieri’s Twitch channel, BoboTV.

Awareness of slippery ground remains. “In a country where there is no certainty of things, business does not grow“, continues Cicolari, who is now also looking outside Italy for other activities.”I’m going to start in the US, which was really an opportunity I wanted to take. It is smoother and easier, as the work we do is very natural. The same is true in the UK and the other states where I work. More than just commuting, I’m starting to feel like not doing more important things in Italy. It is impossible to do it with such rules and in a country where everything incomprehensible is first overcome and then they look at us“.

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