KOVOL Sprint GaN 140W Power Adapter Review: Ultra-Fast Charging Without Compromise

Find your way through hundreds of feeders The available ones on the market are certainly not a simple task: we often find ourselves faced with values ​​that are difficult to understand or that are not sufficient to charge our devices fast enough. But what if we want a power source that no longer makes us worry about wattage and power, where we just have to plug in a compatible cable and forget about the rest? He thought about this Kovol with the power source sprint USB-C from 140 watts: Let’s discover all the secrets of this product with our review!

KOVOL Sprint GaN 140W Power Supply Review: It can recharge everything… PC, smartphone and even game consoles!

Package and packaging

Kovol Sprint

GaN power supply packaging Kovol Sprint It is necessary, but takes care of keeping the device firmly in the carton. Wrapped in lightweight, matte plastic for Avoid scratchesthe power supply comes with a simple manual with instructions for correct use. In fact, it is important to avoid exposing the device to very high temperatures, which would lead to overheating.

Design and materials

Kovol Sprint It is made of matte plastic material with fine workmanship. The device is certainly heavier than the classic power supplies for smartphones, approx 340 grbut the white color hides the scratches that will inevitably occur every time cables are inserted into the USB sockets.

The KOVOL logo appears below, tone upon tone, on one glossy portion of the power supply, while USB ports Use a bright green shade to highlight the inner components. The feeder is also equipped with LEDs light blue Which indicates the correct functioning of the device.

Kovol Sprint

On the one hand, if the opaque white color hides any scratches, it also exposes the power supply to a natural gray, mainly given off by fingerprints. In fact, the surface of the power supply does not appear to be particularly oleophobic.

Hardware and performance

Kovol Sprint It is a power supply capable of charging USB-C equipped devices at up to 140W. To achieve this speed, it should be noted that it is necessary to use a file A USB-C cable supports this power (We recommend that you use a cable that supports at least 100W).

The power supply is equipped with two different USB outputs: one is Type C with Power Delivery 3.1 Capable of generating 140W recharge and Type A that can recharge devices up to 18W. When both ports are on, the maximum charge decreases to 122 watts for the USB-C port, while the maximum speed of the USB-C port is maintained fast charging via USB Type A.

Kovol Sprint

in our test, Kovol Sprint It manages to charge up to 80% a iPhone XR In just 45 minutes (again via a USB-C cable), an excellent result considering both the age of the smartphone and the “lack of support” for high charging speeds. We also ran additional tests with some gaming consoles: Nintendo Switch It didn’t miss anything, and was able to load even during the game (not an easy task to complete with a Nintendo console), while steam floors Take full advantage of the 80W recharge (the maximum allowed in the valve control unit).

All this is possible thanks to technology GaN III From this charger: thanks to the device gallium nitride It can achieve very high wattage in a compact form factorwhile keeping the temperature rise within limits. In fact, in our testing, it was never too hot to touch the charger, which is what happened instead in the writer’s experience (with other models).

KOVOL Sprint 140W Power Supply Review – Price and Considerations

Kovol Sprint It is certainly an excellent product also in terms of price: it is available on Amazon, in fact, at a cost 89 euros. As we mentioned at the beginning, it’s an uncompromising product, useful for those who don’t want to rack their brains too much for a charger capable of maxing out the supported power and speed of any device, provided it’s using a USB-cable.C that supports it. We totally feel I recommend to buy.

Last updated on 11/21/2020 04:23 PM

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