Kodak Cerebribe. Demolition of David Marotta’s house

The house of the Neapolitan actor was demolished David MarottaDespite many appeals to television and newspapers. Only 3 days ago the man had turned over his house keys to the authorities, which is considered offensive. The actor’s house, remembered by many for his participation in the popular 1980s commercial “Ciribiribì Kodak” in which he played a foreigner, was eventually demolished due to construction violations committed over the years.

Bulldozers at the actor’s home

The house in question, located in Poggio Reale, in the center of Naples, dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, and the Marotta family has lived there for more than 100 years. The actor, who suffers from dwarfism, bought it permanently and renovated it in the ’90s to allow the 88-year-old mother, who was born in that house, to live there.

Yesterday, the correspondent of the Canale 5 program “Pomeriggio Cinque”, Vito Paglia, went to the venue to brief viewers on the work of the bulldozers and the thoughtful structure demolition activity. arbitrary. David is not with us because he is not feeling well, he is suffering now. explained the reporter while calling D’Urso. Broadcasting in recent days has also been concerned with giving a voice to the actor and his many supporters and friends to ask for forgiveness.

The appeals proved fruitless

Marotta has always recounted the sentimental value he felt for this house and also admitted that he did not have the courage to tell his elderly mother that she would be evicted from the farm where he lived with the woman and her brother Claudio.

However, the family cottage was demolished yesterday, despite the actor’s 2017 appeal to Tar. Because many citizens have made an appointment to support the representative who, just a few days ago, handed over the keys to the authorities. On that occasion he also announced that the word would pass to the lawyers and that he had lodged an appeal. But it clearly didn’t help. Finally, he asked the Mayor of Naples for an interview, and also made an appeal to the Prime Minister.

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